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Scott Moreau, Forester
Mr. Moreau is a Consulting Forester and Natural Resources project manager for Greenleaf Consulting, Inc. located in Fairfax, Vermont. The company Mr. Moreau started in 1993 was an extension of an earlier company Mr. Moreau was partnership in from 1991 to 1993. Mr. Moreau has been completing forestry and natural resources projects throughout Vermont and western New Hampshire. This work has included projects with a variety of private landowners whose ownership sizes are as small as a couple of acres up to over 11, 000 acres. Mr. Moreau has worked with many different municipalities throughout Vermont. The projects have been varied in size scope and complexity but included a variety of Natural resource mapping issues, data collection and analyzing as well as the implementation of resource based recommendations. Mr. Moreau has worked closely with the VTARNG Facilities Engineer and the Natural Resource office located at Camp Johnson since 1988. Mr. Moreau organized and oversaw the creation the Natural Community mapping completed in the summer of 2008 for EAFR and CJ, and the environmental assessment of the Ethan Allen Firing Range in the summer of 2009-2010. He is a Licensed Forester in New Hampshire as is a long standing member of the Consulting Foresters Association of Vermont, now VWA.

Addison R. Kasmarek, Forester
Addison has been working for GCI since the fall of 2010. She received her degree in Forestry from UVM in May of 2010. Addison’s area of expertise is invasive and exotic forest plants, insects and pathogens. She has had results of her undergraduate research on wavelength interference with forest insects published and has presented her research at EPSCoR. Addison was the Society of American Foresters UVM student chair for two years while at UVM. During her time at Greenleaf, Addison has prepared numerous timber trespass reports in both New Hampshire and Vermont. Addison has also prepared several Sandplain natural community management plans for Act 250 submittal.

Marilyn B. Thomas, Office Assistant

Summer seasonal crew
Helps out during the growing season. Projects include invasive species control, landscaping, etc…